Make stuff at the ETech Maker Shed

Make stuff at the ETech Maker Shed

Mitch Altman workshop

We’re setting up a mini Maker Shed in the California room at O’Reilly’s Emerging Technology Conference in San Jose, and you buy kits and build them right there. From 11am to 6pm on Tuesday March 10 and Wednesday March 11, come into the Maker Shed, and buy a kit like the Brain Machine, MintyBoost, MiniPOV, Super TV-B-Gone, and more–then take it over to the workshop area and build it right here.

Even if you’ve got no experience soldering, we’ll have expert hackers (including Mitch Altman, pictured above) here to help you get started. If you’ve never soldered before, many of our kits are great for first-timers. As a bonus, during the times that Mitch isn’t in the Maker Shed, Michael Shiloh and Judy Castro will be demonstrating their newest kit, Xippy the Robot (pictured below). You’ll be able to buy Xippy kits, and Michael and Judy will help you build it.

Tonight (3/8/2009) is the last night of ETech early bird registration, so you’ve got a few hours to get in cheap. Apply discount code et09ffd to get 40% off that price: ETech Registration Page. ETech Maker Shed: Tuesday and Wednesday.

Xippy the Robot


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