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Meatricity Christmas tree

MAKE Flickr pool member Whymcycles has contributed a great Meatricity powered Christmas tree build.

Colin pedals my Dad’s ’75 Schwinn Exceriser stationary bike..30,000+ miles,
with a fixed magnet electric motor rubbing on the wheel.’ All sizes’ will show the simple clamp set up to hold the motor and the device itself to the fork leg. I used 2 old BMX 4 bolt handlebar clamps (Stems). The motor spins and gets enough juice to light 110 volt electric bulbs, or Christmas lights! 0 carbon footprint, the motor can be tilted away to let the bike function minus the generator. The only weld is a ‘x’ cross of two seat post segments to which the stems attach. Plumbers metal tape would do just as well with bolts hold tight.. Built Fall of ’05. Made merenque..beat the eggs with the electric mixer plugged into the bike! yum.

What novel ideas have you tried out recently? What can you power without plugging in to the wall? Join us in the comments, and show off your great ideas in the MAKE Flickr pool.

8 thoughts on “Meatricity Christmas tree

  1. How dare you question the AWARENESS RAISING benefits of this display of man and technology?

    Okay, so everything in that pic was made by dragging raw materials from the depths of Mother Gaia by the coal-smoke belching machines of man. And, yes, the very energy that young future savior of the Earf expends is the result of his body burning foods grown, packaged, and shipped in many different carbon-spewing and earth-destroying manners.

    But, xxxxxxx YOU, SIR, you don’t have to point it out! Get with the program, before the program gets with you!

  2. @ hurf durf
    We have a “be nice” discussion policy here. So I’m going to need you to dial back your intensity (and use of profanity) a click or two or you’ll be banned from comments.

    Nice to have your input, just try and keep it civil. Thanks.

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