Super Mario on your TI calculator

Super Mario on your TI calculator

I’m probably not alone in saying that I used to code adventure games on my TI-85 when I was younger, but Sam Heald’s Super Mario reproduction is so much cooler:

Super Mario features beautiful graphics courtesy of Bill Nagel, 13 unique enemies, 64 unique background tiles (some with animation), fast scrolling, powerups like growth or flower-power, fireballs, a somewhat-challenging boss, an animated ending scene, and an expansive easy-to-use World editor that can be run on a calculator.

I came across this app on the Brown-eyed Albino’s Blog, where there’s a list of everything you need to get the game up and running on your calculator. There’s also this Youtube post which walks you through installing everything on a TI-84 (screen cap above).

Super Mario v1.2 program source
TI-84 Super Mario installation instructions

6 thoughts on “Super Mario on your TI calculator

  1. James says:

    This… this isn’t a hack. Seriously, you guys. MirageOS is pretty well known and popular with nerdy TI-83+ owners.

  2. Jack says:

    Yeah, everyone at my middle school was running this (nerds and non-nerds alike). That was six years ago.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A better hack is optimizing TI-BASIC programs to run as fast as possible through improper program structure and by using arithmetic instead of logic operators.

    But yeah, uploading MirageOS and Assembly games to your 83+/84+ is pretty low on the “awesome hacks” scale. Although I have to say is still awesome after all these years.

    (PS – Go for Phantom Star, Paper Plane or ZTris if you’re looking for good Asm. games.)

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