Leslie Hall “Craft Talk” Music Video

Jenny Ryan is responsible for turning me on to the wonder that is Leslie Hall. I’ve been jamming out (and laughing hysterically) to her tunes since I learned about her last fall as Jenny prepped for Felt Club. Hall wrote a song called “Craft Talk” especially for her Felt Club performance, and she’s released a music video to accompany it. It’s Leslie Hall brilliance at its best – right down to the giant gem sweater revealed at the end. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Leslie Hall “Craft Talk” Music Video

  1. cyndali says:

    Wow ..no kidding Leslie Hall is such a hoot…..loved it!!!

  2. ygg says:

    she was superfantastic on yo gabba gabba, too. Razzle-dazzle!

  3. Marnie says:

    Love Leslie Hall and her bejeweled self. My secret dream is to be reincarnated as the love child of Leslie and Al Yankovic. Great post!

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