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DIY photobooth looks classic

From the MAKE Flickr pool

Jeremy built a standalone photo booth/box with a Ricoh GR digicam and a number of salvaged parts –

My goal is to build a portable photo booth that could be set up in virtually any location. It is build almost entirely of salvaged parts found at Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity’s ;Build it again center. It has a built-in 40 watt-second flash with diffused panel on the front and an old 5-inch B&W TV on the bottom with a live feed from the camera so you can compose the picture. The still photo is displayed for 3 seconds on the screen after it is taken. The images stay on the camera’s card and create a visual record of the people who came to the event at which the photo booth was used.

This project would be great for big get-togethers. Add automated printing and you’ll have a DIY replacement for costly photobooth rental (plus a great souvenir for guests!).