Lisa Hannigan’s Stitched Sea Sew CD Cover

Sometimes I find crafty inspiration in the most unexpected places. While watching The Colbert Report last night, my ears perked up when I heard Steven Colbert note that his musical guest, Lisa Hannigan, had stitched all the art for her CD cover and liner notes for the album Sea Sew. I was instantly intrigued and delighted to realize that not only did her cover art seem cool, but she also makes beautiful music. As I hopped on to her Web site to learn more, I was overwhelmed with excitement to see that all the design elements of the site appear to be hand-stitched. Her song listing is delicately embroidered and even has the needle still tucked in the fabric. I impulsively purchased her album (Colbert may be right about his “Colbert Bump”) through iTunes, and am now smacking my head … of course! It doesn’t have the digital liner notes, so I can’t explore her stitching further. Still, though, I’m enjoying her music and I’m looking forward to learning more about her apparent crafty side.