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Real Simple magazine has some helpful interactive tools on their site. Of my two favorites, one is the Seasonal Fruit and Vegetable Tool, which not only tells you what produce is in season, but also tells you how to buy, store, and cook each fruit and vegetable. The Food Expiration Tool helps you look up common foods and determine how long you can keep them before they are past their prime. Particularly handy to avoid wasting precious resources!

4 thoughts on “Real Simple Food Calculators

  1. What does this have to do with crafting?
    Not to mention this “tool” is simply a photo with pop-up text. Would’ve been better as a straightforward article. Yawn.
    Hey craftzine…let’s stick to the crafts and stop whoring out for partners that don’t make sense or have anything to do with this site.

  2. Hi LadyJ,
    I’m sorry that you didn’t find this post helpful. We do feature food and recipes ( on this site as well as other crafts. We actually do not have a partnership with Real Simple magazine. I found this and thought it was interesting, relevant, and helpful.

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