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Meteotek high-altitude balloon project

Meteotek is a Spanish high school project to build a meteorological sounding balloon equipped with temperature and pressure sensors, GPS, radio, and a still camera. They had a successful launched on February 28, 2009. Their Flickr pages are in (Catalan) Spanish, but the photos speak for themselves. It’s just endlessly amazing to me that the technology now exists for amateurs, high school kids even, to be able to reach into space. Check out that back seat space command center!

Meteotek 08

12 thoughts on “Meteotek high-altitude balloon project

  1. Having spanish as a first language, I was surprised when I found the website difficult to understand… turns out it’s written in Catalan.

  2. Hah. Yeah, it didn’t look like the Spanish I had in high school, I knew that. Then I thought it might be Portuguese, but it didn’t appear to be that. Catalan! Of course. I added a clarifier in post.

  3. Spain have at least 8 other oficial languages besides spanish. For example ,I speak Catalan and Spanish, but i’ve friends that speak Catalan, Spanish, Aranes, and few words of Euskera. I’ts amazing how many languages we have!!

  4. La verdad que menuda estupidez hacer la página en catalán y en inglés y no en español.

    Para ser tan currantes y conseguir enviar un globo a la conchinchina habeis quedado como unos pepinos redactando la página, honestamente. Todo el mérito que os dio una cosa os lo quitó la otra.

    Saludos cordiales.

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