New Arduino MEGA spotted in the wild!

A brand spankin’ new big brother to the Duemilanove, the first pic of a new Arduino board has surfaced. The Mega uses an ATmega1280 surface mount chip and offers a whole big bunch of new features –

  • 128KB of Flash
  • 4KB RAM
  • 53 IO
  • 4 HW UARTs
  • 14 PWMs
  • I2C bus
  • 16 Analog Input pins

We’ll post further specs and availability info as it becomes available. Look for these new beasts in the Maker Shed soon! [via Adafruit Industries]

20 thoughts on “New Arduino MEGA spotted in the wild!

  1. Thats sweet! But actually I would like to also see something in between that and the Duemilanove. Maybe a Duemilanove with more than 1 HW Uart, an i2c bus, and more memory….

  2. Haven’t they been using something very similar for a while now?

    And official support means that at least the form factor will be somewhat uniform.

    Imagine the protoshield for this one. It is going to be huuuge!

  3. I love it. Now I have to find a project to leave my current Arduino in permanently so I can justify buying one of these beauties!

  4. a) Breadboard-hostile layout still sucks.

    b) If you’re going to go to all that trouble to break out a high-pin-count surface mount part, then why not switch to a more capable part like the arm7?

  5. I was thinkin’ the same thing. It’s awesome, but I might change the layout myself.

    An Arduino with an ARM7 would be awesome.

  6. Non square mounting hole layout.
    Non 0.1″ grid
    Stupid big USB plug that’s taller then the headers.
    No provision for 9v power input other then a large DC plug or the headers that you are usually using for a shield.
    No headers for 5v input other then tapping into the USB header (which thankfully is so large when you have to solder to the underside of it)
    LEDs still obscured by any shield
    Single sets of holes for headers/pins meaning that any use has to be decided at construction time.

    I am happier with my seeeduinos with the changes they have made by applying a little design process to it with seeing how people are using them, so I will be interested in seeing what they or someone else make’s that is compatible with this for loading stuff but is more usable.

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