Wow, I’ve never seen an electronics station helping hands setup as extravagant as this one by instructables user mblasberg:

Need a Hand? This is a mashup of several very clever instructables and an Article from MAKE. While soldering and working on circuits I was having a lot of trouble holding wires/components for soldering and also seeing what was going on. I’ve used the helping hands tools before, and while helpful, they’re extremely limited. After reading about rstaugh’s Helping hands ++ I knew I had to make a set of these. Coincidentally I had also just read about the Panavise Arm on MAKE, and with a little more searching found CaladanJen’s DeskSquid. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to build and it was just a matter of execution. Now, this certainly isn’t the cheapest solution, a pair of the original helping hand can be purchased from Harbor Freight for as little as $3, but if you’re looking for greatly enhanced function and usability I highly recommend building one of these, it’s quickly becoming the handiest tool in my collection.

So decadent!