At Make: Day on Saturday, we had the pleasure of being stationed right across the hall from Savage Aural Hoted. So as I talked to people throughout the day at the Make: television table, every once in a while I’d be interrupted by loud belches, blasts, and other crazy weird sounds coming from some guys in orange jumpsuits. It was great.

Watch the video above to get an idea of what the awesome instruments Savage Aural Hotbed had on hand for Make: Day. Everyone who stopped by their table had the chance to play their unique percussive instruments, and they put on a great set too!

Make: Day was packed with tons of awesome musicians and musical makers. Keston and Westdal brought their slick sounds and inventive approach towards making music onto the main stage for a great set.


Tim Kaiser brought all of his beautifully crafted and original-sounding instruments down from Duluth, MN for Make: Day, and also put on an awesome set on the mainstage at the Science Museum. We featured Tim and his incredible Music Machines for the Maker Profile segment in Episode 6 of Make: television. Check out some pictures of Tim at Make: Day below.


Ed Vogel, the king of the Cigar Box Guitar was also on hand. Ed wrote the original Cigar Box Guitar article for MAKE: Magazine, Volume 4, and also made a cameo appearance and jam session with John Park in the Maker Workshop of Make: television, Episode 10. For Make: Day, Ed flew solo, but his Cigar Box Guitar and tape deck amp sounded better than ever.

Thanks to all of your musical makers who made Make: Day such a huge success! Check out our Flickr pool for more pictures from Make: Day, or upload your own pictures from the event.