TiVo CallerID

SatelliteSweeper has a great roundup of 23 TiVo hacks to turbocharge your DVR:

Learn to modify your Tivo or DVR to show Caller ID on your TV when you get a phone call, store over 5 times more recordings than a standard DVR, transfer files to and from your PC and more…

They’re all great, but we’re a little embarrassed that one of the best of the bunch (and one of the two highlighted in the original lead-in to the roundup, shown above) is a dead link (a result of starting this blog and redirecting all links from hacks.oreilly.com to hackszine.com) to an online sample hack from our own TiVo Hacks.

To rectify the situation, we’re posting that entire hack after the jump in this post. Just click Read full story to check out “Caller ID on Your TiVo,” Hack #43 from TiVo Hacks.



Hack #43: Caller ID on Your TV

Only a chosen few are allowed to interrupt your favorite television show, TiVo or no. Find out who’s calling without averting your eyes from the tube.

The hero and the heroine are about to kiss.
The identity of the spy is mere seconds from being revealed. The fate
of a major character on the show hangs in the balance. And the
blasted phone rings. You could pause the program, but this is a
seminal moment in television history. You could ignore the phone, but
you are expecting a call about that job you were after. What to do?

you have caller ID from your phone company and a DirecTiVo
(combination DirecTV satellite and TiVo system), then you have just
the combination you need to determine whether or not to reach for
that phone.


I’m afraid this hack isn’t going to magically give you caller ID if you haven’t requested and paid your phone company for it. We’re assuming you’ve caller ID on the phone line into which your DirecTiVo unit is plugged.

Greg Gardner’s elseed displays caller ID information—recognized by your DirecTiVo through its connection to the phone line—and puts it up on your television screen for you to see. Figure 1 shows elseed in action.

Figure 1. Caller ID on an incoming call, captured by elseed on TiVo and displayed on a television screen

TiVo CallerID