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Purl Bee has a lovely crocheted yarmulke pattern for you — much nicer than a store-bought one, and surely something to treasure for years, if not generations. If you’re having a (small) Jewish wedding, this would also be an amazing favor for guests rather than those personalized ones that no one ever wears again!
From the description on the Purl Bee site:

With Passover approaching, these beautifully simple crocheted yarmulkes are easy enough to whip up amidst all your other Seder preparations. Holidays are made special by the unique ways each family finds to interpret the traditions of the day, from handed down rituals to secret recipes. If year after year your guests were offered these hand crafted yarmulkes, the day would only be enriched. As my mother loves to say, God is in the details!

Via Whip Up.

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