First shield pics for Arduino MEGA


Hack a Day reports on what appears to be the first shield created specifically for the forthcoming Arduino MEGA board. NKC’s prototyping shield is of course predictably longer and uhhh … mega-er. The comment thread over at NKC points out that their shield only has 2 holes for standoffs – apparently the massive connecting pin-count offers sufficient stability on its own.

Arduino Protoshield Kit
ProtoShield for Arduino Kit

10 thoughts on “First shield pics for Arduino MEGA

  1. With that many pins, the friction will make the shields hard to separate from the main board. I wonder if there’s an ingenious way to apply leverage to separate them, without damaging the board(s)?

    1. Hmmm, ingenious leverage method … a screwdriver?! ;)
      of course there is the option of only soldering in the pins you think you’ll need for a specific project.

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