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In the Maker Shed: Seeeduino Catalyst Pack

The Seeeduino Catalyst Pack from the Maker Shed includes a Seeeduino Arduino clone, various inputs and sensors, visual and audible outputs, flexible structure enhancements and extensive power options. Great for beginners to advanced users, and with the specially manufactured components and structures in this pack, it makes it easy to build your own customized shield.

More about the Seeeduino Catalyst Pack

8 thoughts on “In the Maker Shed: Seeeduino Catalyst Pack

  1. Could you please post a picture showing how the included harness is to be assembled? All the little holes and pieces of hardware are confusing. Cheers.

  2. Are there any starter projects to build with the Catalyst pack? Or projects that you can build with it. I’m just getting going with this and some simple monkey-see monkey-do projects that don’t need anything other than the pack would be great.

    1. Check out and search for some of the components names (i.e. button) and there will most likely be a simple how-to. I am in the process of creating more Arduino how-to’s, including projects form the Catalyst pack.

      These may help too, and can be completed with parts from the kit:

      And this one needs a servo, but that’s easy to pick up for <$10

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