Our pal Jérôme Demers, maker of the ingenious Beetlebot project we featured in MAKE, Volume 12, and more recently here, on How-To Tuesday, has a new project, building an “energy seed lamp,” a sort of electronic plant that feeds on spent AA batteries.

Desktop energy seed lamp

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    1. It’ll be difficult to find toroids of this type in commercial band radios. You may want to look in switching power supplies, TVs, or even old VCRs. You could pretty much use any kind of toroid because this is a low power circuit. Make: has had links to a device called a “joule thief”. Searching Google will give plenty of hits. You may want to prototype the transistor, resistor and LED so you can test various types of coils.

  1. What a great idea, I guess if they can run off lemons, then they must need very little energy, hence the spent batteries.

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