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The Steven writes in the comments:

You say DIY bride, I think of Helen O’Loy by Lester Del Rey

Well, maybe you haven’t heard of ol’ Helen O’Loy either. O’Loy sounds a lot like Alloy, doesn’t it?

Spoiler Alert: Don’t read the wikipedia entry, it gives too much info.

Spoiler-less synopsys:

Dave and Phil are two pals who spend a lot of time together. Although Dave is a robot repairman and Phil is a doctor, they become increasingly interested in building their own robotic housekeeper. Finally they produce “Lena”, a housekeeping robot who does a pretty good job of things, but she still lacks the common sense that comes from having emotions. After trying – and failing – with mechanical glands in Lena, they order a high quality Dillard’s robot to experiment with. The results are good, but a little bit too real as their new creation, Helen, falls madly in love with one of them.

Maybe you want to read it for yourself, then Google Books is your friend. Or if you want to hold a real atomic version, then you can have that too.

Read any good robofiction lately?