Intructables member Alex the Great has a clever Awesome LED Cube project.

Use the cube to slow, stop, or reverse time, or even turn ordinary technology into transformers. Your choice.

This project looks like a great way to introduce kids to a number of valuable skills we have covered here at Make: Online, such as electric circuits, LEDs, resistance, ohm’s law, the design process, making structures, measuring for fabrication and more. Learners would need to get some familariity with some tools, like handsaw, hacksaw, aviation snips, soldering iron, utility knife, or maybe even a shopbot, mill or vinyl cutter.

Some of the concepts involved could be: making a three dimensional structure out of flat stock, designing for fabrication, designing a circuit, drawing a schematic. These ideas could be worked out in a variety of ways, from simple to complex, manual to automated.

Give the project a try and show us your stuff in the MAKE Flickr pool!