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Shush your PC

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Build the Ultimate Quiet PC has a number of suggestions, ranging from cheap to pricey.

Not got enough cash for a new case? Then you can modify your existing chassis. Among the best sound-deadening materials is the Acousti AcoustiPack Deluxe (v2) SE acoustic material kit… It’s essentially a pack of sticky-back foam used to line the panels of your case. It comes in pre-cut packs for a small number of cases, but you can easily cut custom shapes with a pair of scissors.

Maximum PC has a decent article on quieting your computer.

The CPU is usually the hottest component in today’s PCs; as such, it typically requires the most extravagant–and often the noisiest–cooling apparatus. Reducing the amount of noise emanating from your CPU’s cooling system is a huge step toward muting your machine, so let’s examine this hotspot first.

While stopping shy of a truly silent PC in the Maximum PC article, it does provide some handy ideas on how to get rid of that airport ambiance.

Their cover story on 50 Things Every PC Geek Should know is also worth taking a look at.

Silent PC Review also has a number of good resources for the sound weary computer operator.

What are your tricks to mute your machine? Tell us about it in the comments.


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