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Hey kids, Tweet-a-Watt kits!


Our pals at Adafruit have released kits for their most awesome Tweet-a-Watt, a kit that turns a lonely Kill-a-Watt power meter into a Twittering energy-usage reporter. Now you can tweet your ravenous power hunger to the entire world!

The Tweet-a-Watt Starter Kit, with everything you need to create one outlet monitor (minus the Kill-a-Watt unit), costs $90. Additional Add-on outlet kits sell for $40. We should have Tweet-a-Watt kits in the Maker Shed soon and will let you know as soon as we do.

How to make your own Tweet-a-Watt will also be one of the major projects in MAKE, Volume 18, so stay tuned for that.

Tweet-a-Watt kits now available…

Tweet-a-watt – our entry for the Core77 & Greener …
HOW TO – Make your own Tweet-a-Watt

4 thoughts on “Hey kids, Tweet-a-Watt kits!

  1. Sorry to be a negative nancy.

    I thought it was a shame that this beat some really great ideas in those eco design awards.

  2. The idea is it doesn’t actually *save* power, it gives you information to help change your energy consumption long term. So you may use extra power running this for a few months, but hopefully after that you’ll have changed enough that your actual energy usage is lower.

    That’s the theory. I think in practice this just has a lot of appeal to the ‘geek’ community because they love data and numbers.

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