Wiimote-controlled airsoft gun

Jay from thecapacity created this airsoft robot that you can control with a Wiimote. He’s using Construx for the mounting hardware, a webcam for remote sighting, and an IOBridge to control the servos.

I’m pretty sure I’d never want this thing in my office, but something similar with a motor operated squirt gun might be more my style.

Greetings Officefighter – Wiimote Office Defender

4 thoughts on “Wiimote-controlled airsoft gun

  1. It seems to me that adding the word “safety” to any sentence referring to this device is an automatic oxymoron.

  2. Airsoft may be slightly dangerous, but I don’t want a squirt gun anywhere near the equipment in *MY* cubical.

    I’d rather have this and put up one of those “CAUTION! EYE PROTECTION MANDATORY IN THIS AREA” signs.

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