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Big Fluff Pi vs. Music-Industrial Complex


When the folks over at Electro-Harmonix discovered Gwendolin Tägert had been crafting and selling huggable handmade versions of their legendary Big Muff Ï€ stompbox, they could have persued litigation on the grounds of trademark infringement. Instead, they did what everyone should when faced with a cuddly-soft pillow – they embraced it.

We’re all too familiar with the endless lawsuits suffocating the world of music, and so we decided to do something different. Instead of threats, demands, and legal letters, we contacted Gwendolin, told her we loved her work, and offered a formal license in exchange for an option to purchase them at discount. So, rather than a new enemy we now have a new friend, and a beautiful Big Fluff Pi. Take that as a lesson, music-industrial complex!

Here’s hoping Pro Co Sound feels similarly affectionate to the huggable Rat pedal – really though, how could they resist?


8 thoughts on “Big Fluff Pi vs. Music-Industrial Complex

  1. Won’t Electro-Harmonix be at risk of being drummed out of (pun intended) the Chamber of Commerce for acting in an intelligent, rational matter?

  2. Naw! Electro-Harmonix is manned by aliens – how do you think they come up with such incredibly advanced effects and then put them in such a small box?!

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