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I must admit that my thoughts are turning more and more to babies as I prepare to have one myself pretty soon, and this crocheted baby bottle cozy seems like a great solution to the glass bottle conundrum. While there are more and more baby bottles without BPA, glass always seemed like the safest bet to me, although keeping it the right temperature and protecting it from breaking sounded like a bit of a hassle. Not anymore! This might even be enough to get me to learn how to crochet. Via Design*Sponge.

6 thoughts on “Crocheted Baby Bottle Cozy

  1. Please breastfeed and save the bottles for pumped milk. You’ll need to buy less bottles and spend less time thinking about temperature, and more time enjoying your new baby.

  2. Not everyone can or wants to breastfeed. Worry about your own family, not everyone else’s. I think this is a great idea for baby bottles.

  3. With the first part of you comment.
    Also I have a friend make something similar after a super hot bottle burned a coffee table. It acts like a coaster pretty much.

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