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After experimenting a bit with ARToolKit, melkaone came up with this intriguing demo for an augmented reality sculpting system with force feedback via Arduino –

As you can see, this is just a proof of concept, I only worked on it this morning, but I think it has great potential. However, I don’t have the knowledge / budget to do such work.

I can think of many ways to improve this :

  • Have some kind of deformable ball of clay, like what you can see in tools like MudBox or ZBrush
  • Use a solenoïd instead of the pager motor. This way, you’ll get a feedback in the axis of the pencil, not just a shaking sensation.
  • Maybe use a 3-DOF robotic arm to have the feedback, would be a lot harder to implement, but might be worth it.
  • Use a pair of stereoscopic goggles to get a better feeling (head “tracking”, perspective, etc…)
  • …

More project info available on his blog. The concept definitely shows potential, anyone care to collaborate?

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6 thoughts on “Augmented Reality Modelling Tool

  1. wow, this is excellent, I’m very excited to see someone diving into this! I’ve used commercial haptic modelling tools before and they are pretty awesome, but quite expensive.

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