From an item called DIY Dangerous Toy – The Universel Cycle


Buddhist temple made from beer bottles


Bicycle table

I’m not ashamed to admit it: I’m a dude who crafts. I like altering books, journaling, papercraft, rubber stamping, mail art, making stickers, and… God help me for saying this … “scrapbooking” (tho not the sucky kind, I tell myself).

So, I can totally dig this website, dedicated to men who like being crafty. From Paul’s mission statement:

DudeCraft is an experiment in permission. The permission to learn and participate in crafts of all kinds. Building things from wood and steel is cool, to be sure, but so is knowing how to sew your own clothes, knit a scarf, and make something beautiful from an A4 sheet of paper. DudeCraft seeks to make it acceptable for men to participate in all crafts, not just the “manly” ones.