Bulbdial clock

Evil Mad Scientist Windell writes:

Last year David Friedman published on his blog Ironic Sans an interesting design concept for something that he called The Bulbdial Clock. That’s like a sundial, but with better resolution– not just an hour hand, but a minute and second hand as well, each given as a shadow from moving artificial light sources (bulbs).

We’ve recently put together a working bulbdial clock, with an implementation somewhat different from that of the original concept.

A Bulbdial Clock

8 thoughts on “Bulbdial clock

  1. I’d take a pencil sharpener to that gnomon so that it tapers down to a point. That way the business end of the shadows would be narrower than the base and make the whole thing more clock-ish.

  2. I leapt straight into criticism and came off as a bit of a dick. I really should add that it’s a mighty cool project – fat shadows or not.

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