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Aimino is conducting some very interesting experiments accessing the the real world via conventional computing interfaces. Arduino is employed for physical device control while an additional machine runs PTAM image processing software determines camera position. The above demo alone is entertaining/intriguing the concept seems to have much potential. Unfortunately Edit->Undo in everyday situations still seems unattainable :(

8 thoughts on “Graphical user interface in the physical world

  1. Dammit, the lenses, Where are the damned HUD contact lenses? (or optical nerve implants, to go a step beyond and, in the way there, fix forever some sight problems).

    I suppose we should get along with the iphones while we wait, but it’s definitely not the same as having the HUD right in your sight.

  2. Why do people feel the need to put loud and irritating music over the top of every tech video??? Grrrrr!!!

    Apart from that…. It is a very cool concept. Nice.

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