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To go along with my Vicodin earrings, I made this Vicodin ring from sterling silver. I sanded one side of the pill flat (while wearing a dusk mask, of course!), and bezel set it.

22 thoughts on “Vicodin Ring

  1. nope, I just leave it be, to preserve the original state of the pill, so it is quite fragile and can’t get wet.

  2. What a great way to use up the rest of the vicodin; I always have tons left over and your not supposed to flush it. Hey I have some BC that would be cool too. What with the different colors.

  3. Are you selling them? I’ll make a bulk sale deal with you. Points for creativity but be sure to keep them out of the hands of the kiddies and junkies!

  4. hey before everyone gets all excited, BECKY you need to know and inform everyone that it is ILLEGAL to wear this ring ANYWHERES EXCEPT your home, THIS WILL GET YOU ARRESTED IN A BIG HURRY, IT IS A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE AND BY LAW MUST BE IN THE ORIGIONAL PRESCRIPTION BOTTLE UNLESS YOU ARE AT HOME, NO EXCEPTIONS, most people don’t even realize that those daily pill reminder things that you load up for a day or weeks worth of meds are illegal to carry your drugs in, they have to be in the origonal containers, seriously cute idea, not worth getting arrested for, please pull this idea before someone gets in trouble, i’m sure that you didn’t have this in mind but that can and will happen

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