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There is a great time sequence of the build, testing failure and success of this fundangerous project. Got a couple hundred pallets, a reasonably flat space and some time on your hands?

via Damon

6 thoughts on “Palletized wall o’ death

  1. Couple hundred pallets?!? Try closer to 1,000. Think it was 800+ stated in the video, and one must account for waste.

    And not to be a prude, but I try to interest my friends and their children in the site, and encourage them to visit often. Maybe a warning that the “F-bomb” will be dropped a few times is in order….give parents a chance to veto viewing of this post.

    Still an impressive undertaking.

    Heh heh…just to be the first… they have too much time on their hands :) (you know someone is gonna say it…)

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