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When my daughter was was a baby, she absolutely loved anything she could play with that made a crinkle noise. She had a favorite small alligator toy that had one section of its body filled with some kind of crinkle material, and it was her go-to toy for ages. Somewhere along the way, the alligator got lost and I always wished I’d come up with a way to make something to replace it. If only I’d had Susan Beal’s adorable tutorial to follow back then! She’s got a brilliant secret supply to add the special crinkle sound to this cute owl baby toy. Check out her tutorial on CraftStylish to see what she uses!

6 thoughts on “How-To: Make a Crinkle Baby Toy

  1. Hi Debbie! Thanks for the note … would you try the links again? I’m checking from here and they seem to be working, and I’m not seeing anything in the code that would break the link. But I want to make sure you can access her tutorial! Thank you!

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