The artful dodgers of Steampunk Magazine have done it again — another gorgeous issue, of great conversation, ideas, fiction, reviews, and how-tos. Content includes a manifesto of sorts by steampunk sci-fi godfather Bruce Sterling, how-tos on metal casting and no-budget welding, an awesome piece on “tramp printers” of the 1800s, and an an interview by Libby Bulloff with the Chronabelle crew, a group of California high school/college students who live their lives as an airship crew. I was thrilled to read this from Chronabelle’s Lady Almira:

Maker Faire has been, and probably will remain, the highest point in my experiences as a steampunk. It really inspired me and made the entire crew feel like we were part of something real. As great as the internet steampunk community is, getting to interact with real flesh and blood folks was a nice change of pace.

[BTW: Many of the steampunk musicians, artisans, craftspeople who were part of last year’s Contraptors’ Lounge will be back at this year’s Faire and it all promises to deliver even more thrills and frills. Stay tuned for more info on Make: Online.]

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