Weekend Project: The Stealth Mic (PDF)

Make a set of sneaky earbuds that record what you hear. They create a binaural effect
when played back wearing headphones.
Thanks go to Bill Byrne for the original article in MAKE, Volume 17.
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14 thoughts on “Weekend Project: The Stealth Mic (PDF)

  1. There is an artist named Allan Tarantino on randomnumber.nu/?p=494 that is using binaural microphones for his recordings. You can get an idea of the effect of using that type of mic by listening to his work. Its almost like being there.

  2. If you want to take a shortcut on this project, and don’t mind shelling out just a little more money, you can pick up two Olympus TP-7 “telephone recording microphones.” These fit directly into your ear, and look a lot like high-end earbuds. Any sound going into your ear also goes through the microphone element, which is why they’re so useful for recording telephone conversations, but they could also be wired into a stereo jack quite easily for binaural recording.

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