When folks think of wine, most often grapes come to mind. Time to expand the horizons with this week’s Flashback feature from CRAFT Volume 06: Fig Wine by Alastair Bland. Alastair has written several how-tos for CRAFT, most of them in the DIY Ferment It section. For this particular recipe, he mentions that he’s made the wine with fresh figs as well as dried, and has gotten the tastiest results with dried organic Calimyrna figs. Fig wine takes just 2 or 3 months to ferment and makes a yummy wine “of rich amber shades and whiskey, caramel, and tobacco flavors.” Perfect to compliment Mediterranean cuisine and a fun, unique present to bring to a dinner party.
Here’s the Fig Wine how-to in our Digital Edition, so you can get to fermenting. And make sure to pick up a copy of CRAFT Volume 06 from the Maker Shed before they’re all gone! (In addition to Fig Wine, you’ll also learn how to make mix-and-match monster plushies, custom coloring books, LED hula hoops, solar jewelry, and LP record bowls, just to name a few projects.)