With my Mousey the Junkbot project in MAKE and Solarbotics’ Herbie the Mousebot hogging the limelight, folks might forget or be unaware of the fact that the original LM386-based Herbie circuit was a line-follower, not a photovore (light-seeker). Peterman921’s MouserV2 is a two-time line-following champ. It uses the LM487 audio amp chip and two downward-looking CdS eyes with blinders. And, of course, there’s no 5v relay or bump sensors ’cause Mouser doesn’t need to back up or avoid obstacles.

Jon has other cool bots in his Flickr sets and on his site, such as this M&M bot, built with a simple LM339 BEAM circuit, camcorder motors, and an M&M tin.