Adrian Mann has built what’s being called the world’s largest piano, measuring in at over 18.5 feet long! He began work on the project at the age of 16 and continued construction in a local barn over the next four years. It seems all his hard work was worth it considering the instruments commanding voice. [via Noise Addicts]

14 thoughts on “World’s largest piano built by NZ teen

  1. Very cool project. ‘Building things in sheds’ is something of a kiwi tradition.

    But goodness, seeing a kiwi story here really brings home to me how god awful the kiwi accent is :)

  2. I wonder where he got all the materials – this must have cost quite a bit for a teenager. Lots of jobs and contributions from parents/friends.

    I hope someone offers him a lot of money for it – but would he part with it?

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