Two days left to enter the Instructables laser cutter contest


The deadline for entering your awesome DIY project into the Instructables Epilog laser cutter contest is just two days away! Enter your project’s how-to and you could be cutting and etching to your heart’s content! Enter by the 19th, start voting on the 20th!

2 thoughts on “Two days left to enter the Instructables laser cutter contest

  1. Because we all know electrically powered lasers burning various toxic and CO2 emitting materials is an appropriate prize for a GREEN contest. Much more environmentally friendly than a pair of scissors.

    Does everything have to have the word GREEN tagged on it? Can’t you just hold a contest without trying to attach some pseudopolitical bull? Seriously. Come on guys. Nothing you do on this site is going to impact the environment in any meaningful way, good or bad. I don’t care how many egg cartons you turn into storage containers for your small electronic parts. Its spitting into space, trying to put out the sun. Stop it. You look foolish.

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