Floppy Disk NotepadMore DIY How To Projects

Pocket notes are such a better way to remember than depending only on the gray matter software. Maybe you have a box or twelve of old floppy disks. If you can find the ones with software labels like Aldus Pagemaker, or the like, all the better.

Is it earth shattering? No, but it might be fun, festive, creative or even a bit of a business idea…this might be a decent project to do with kids, add a little page layout and do a little hands-on, and let the creative instincts run free.

One question I come up with periodically, is what to do with the old pocket notes. They are something of a time capsule of weeks or days, and sometimes it seems a shame to toss them into the fireplace. Sometimes I come across some from just before a trip or deep into a project and it brings back the experience pretty vividly. What do you do with your old pocket notes?