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Longtime recycling maven and CRAFT contributor Tiffany Threadgould is a busy, busy girl these days.

Besides running her really clever recycling and reuse company, RePlayGround, she’s working on articles for, writing a book, and is one of the stars (yes, I said it, she’s a star!) of the new show Garbage Moguls, in which she works as a product designer for the company Terracycle.

The company is taking garbage and making useful things out of this trash, thereby robbing the landfill of more content. Terracycle is home to a lot of different personalities, who keep you highly entertained for the hour-long show. There’s plenty of research and development, a look into the process of brainstorming, some bickering, flirting, failure, and some redemption to boot. Above is a shot from the show where Tiffany’s not licking a cookie wrapper but a coworker named Albe doesn’t have any qualms about doing just that.

And here’s a preview of the show, which premiered this past Wednesday on Earth Day. You should definitely record this on your DVR-of-choice or tune in this Saturday, April 25th, at 10 p.m. Congrats, Tiffany, and we hope it’s a flyaway hit (just like the kite)!

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