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Aaron built an electromagnetic field detector using an Arduino board, 3.3MΩ resistor, LED, and wire –

I was messing around with my Arduino board and figured out how to make a cheap portable electromagnetic field (EMF) detector. It only requires a led, 3,300,000 Ohm resistor, and wire. As I approach an EMF the led gets brighter, so I can locate the source. Messing around with the code and resistor values I can change the sensitivity of the device; when I first made the EMF detector I could only find one place to stand in my apt where it didnt go off. I am working on getting a commercial EMF detector that spits out quantitative values so I can calibrate my version and have it do the same on a LCD screen.

Another crazy-simple yet fun Arduino project – anyone out there have an “official” EMF detector for comparison/calibration?

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