Yesterday, I told you about the great new cross-stitch kit called Miss Woolly’s Mini Cross-Stitch. I think I’ve been so obsessed with cross-stitch these last couple of weeks that it’s now most of what I’m seeing. I think, though, that even without that predisposition to seeking out cross-stitch, this amazing Houdini portrait in cross-stitch would have caught my eye. She Fights Like a Girl created this incredibly intricate piece as a birthday gift for Teller (yep – as in Penn and Teller!) She details how she created the pattern and how long it took her to painstakingly stitch – with single strands of floss – the Houdini design on her blog. I hope she was able to hand deliver it as she wanted to!

6 thoughts on “Houdini Portrait Cross-Stitch

  1. If you enjoy cross-stitch based on photography, may I also suggest you look at the work of Colette Whiten (full disclosure – she was one of my teachers at art school).

  2. Thank you Rachel (and CRAFT) for the kind words! It was definitely a project of love, and I do believe I left a significant portion of my eyesight on the canvas. Now that it’s gone public, I really have no choice but to give it to Teller myself, do I?

  3. This Houdini cross stitch has got to be the coolest cross stitch I’ve ever seen! Hope Teller likes it. Well done, She Fights Like a Girl.

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