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In the Maker Shed: TILT, The Battle to Save Pinball DVD on sale

TILT: The Battle to Save Pinball from the Maker Shed is on sale now as part of our Spring-cleaning sale. It’s a really interesting 2-DVD set that includes seven hours of extras, including interviews with industry greats and a pinball factory tour.

One of the great maker tales of the game industry. In 1998, Williams was the world’s biggest pinball manufacturer, but they were in trouble. Two legendary designers took their “crazy” idea out of the company and into a garage; the result, “Pinball 2000,” became a sensation… until Williams mysteriously pulled the plug. This grass-roots effort to innovate inside corporate America will fascinate any student of technology, design, or business.

Check out TILT: The Battle to Save Pinball DVD on sale now in the Maker Shed.

2 thoughts on “In the Maker Shed: TILT, The Battle to Save Pinball DVD on sale

  1. Ah Pinball… my soft spot. DVD’s ordered and hopefully here in Florida by the weekend.

    I have a ’64 four roses, ’75 pat hand, ’76 Elton John/Pinball Wizard,(and the lone digital interloper,) a 1985 Comet.

    Parts machines include a ’64 chicago coin ‘Mustang’ machine- a rare one. The lead race car crossing the finish line has evidence of being redrawn at the factory to be VERY similar to the 64 1/2 mustang. Needs a backglass, the original has a BB gun hole and crack, but still useable.’78 Joker Poker (GREEN number displays with the red lines on top..) and the box and playfield to a ‘5x(?) eight ball. The backglass was kept by a previous owner for a wallhanging, and I got the rest.

    I hope to use the playfield of one of the parts machines as a stand alone coffee table, no backglass, as a dynamic display. Sensors will allow it to be self playing, but flipper buttons will allow people to control it also. Seen a similar project here on MAKEblog, but I am hoping for a little more refinement to the idea.(Surprised it didnt MAKE it to the ‘related posts’..maybe I can search it out…

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