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Hand-powered synthesis with Exertion Instruments


Noah Vawter has been developing these rather awesome hand-powered electronic instruments at MIT’s Media Lab. Dubbed ‘exertion instruments’, they reconnect the players physical strength with the instruments volume. This brings a level of expression to electronic music that before seemed confined to traditional acoustics – plus no power strips/batteries! Check out the project research/documentation for relevant details. [via Hack a Day]

4 thoughts on “Hand-powered synthesis with Exertion Instruments

  1. i love that the guy in the back ground is waving what looks like a leak as if you already have back up dancers of the vegan sort, or a vegan roady with to much time on his hands. that is the danger of having no power cords! lol

    ps. i am mad my captcha says —f u 2 , well right back at you buddy.

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