Things are kinda nuts watching all the Swine Flu headlines in the news. So in times of crisis, it’s nice to see some crafty ingenuity on self-expression. Crafty Chica sent me this link from a Latino pop culture blog called Guanabee with their pimp my swine flu mask feature. Check out the photo gallery.
From the site:

One thing Mexicans know how to do is roll with the punches and no swine flu epidemic is going to squelch their sense of fun.

28 thoughts on “Pimp My Swine Flu Mask

  1. This makes me want to move to Mexico. When facing a serious situation, you need some humor to get through it. Too bad more USmericans don’t realize this.

  2. can we please stop with the “pimp”? it’s not cool, it’s ignorant. exploiting sex workers has nothing to do with decorating flu masks, or any of the other things that the crafting community uses it for.

  3. btw, flu is transmitted via contact i.e. touch infected subway seat, touch your eye…it is not airborne, so masks are a mute point BUT cute pimpin’…

  4. In this case it’s not even used as an adjective, it’s used as a verb. It has nothing to do with sex workers, but rather the popular cultural representation of pimps as very decked-out people wearing extravagant clothes and excessive jewelry/accessories. In my mind it’s got just as many positive connotations as the term “hack,” which some consider to be a bad word as well.

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