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It takes a certain living room to pull this vibrant furniture, but I never thought about tie-dying a couch’s slipcover! Sara Woodhull did just that.

22 thoughts on “Tie-Dyed Couch

  1. WOW!! Thats a funky couch! But if it’s just a slipcover thats fun cause you could switch it up when you want! kool.

  2. @1 – yes. Not my taste, whatsoever (maybe it’s the hippie colors) – but an interesting concept to be sure. I think I would have LOVED this about 10 years ago. Definitely an idea that could be pursued!

  3. “but I never thought about tie-dying a couch’s slipcover!”
    That’s because that’s absolutely horrific!

  4. Tye Dye = Horrific
    Slip Covers = Horrific
    Tye Dye + Slip Cover = Abomination
    Seriously let’s start posting about how we craft bongs out of our recyclables.

  5. I’d agree that tie dye is kinda, um, yeeeeeeeeeaaah. For my tastes. However, I think it’s cool that they’ve dyed the cushion covers themselves. I have a boring-ass beige couch and would like to dye the cushions some more interesting (preferably solid) color, and it’s nice to know that it can be done.

  6. You guys are missing the art that you see here. I think it is absolutly beatiful. the patter matches to the tee and the colors blend very nicely. it takes talent and concentration to be able to make a piece of art like that

  7. I actually was looking for a way to tyedye my couch when I came across this you did great you did more than one method of the tyedye methods and assorted it in a very eye appealing way!!! I LOVE IT!!! I wish my couch looked like it!!!

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