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Car Wars IRL

I knew it was only a matter of time before Car Wars, Mad Max, and dozens of video games featuring weaponized vehicles, came to television. On May 11th, the producers of Mythbusters will be bringing Weaponizers, a three-part series, to the little screen. Two teams will design, build, and send into remotely-controlled combat, lethally-outfitted vehicles. Sounds like my idea of a good time.

Weaponizers [via Gizmodo, and BotJunkie]

6 thoughts on “Car Wars IRL

  1. Car Wars! I used to play that. I didn’t think anyone remembered. Gawd, I wish I still had all my gear. I bet I’d have to pay a pretty penny on Ebay to get it all back.

  2. I LOVED Car Wars. I still have all of my CW games: the original pocket box version, the 2nd edition, Sunday Drivers, AutoDuel Champions, the AADA Vehicle Guide, and the CW-related issues of SJ Games’ Space Gamer magazine.

    The other SJ Game from that era that I loved was OGRE. I had a whole box of the OGRE miniatures and scenery I had acquired in hopes of building an OGRE game table. When we moved 9 years ago, reluctantly, I sold it all and some other rare game components. The OGRE minis were no longer available when I sold them and I was amazed at what I got for them. It basically funded our move.

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