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On the latest FMCG vid segment, Jeri explains how to build and use a linear heater to bend Plexiglas. To make the heater, she used little more than some aluminum U-channel stock, the heating element from a hair dryer, plaster of Paris, and a benchtop power supply to fire the element.

The Fat Man and Circuit Girl

14 thoughts on “Bending Plexiglas

  1. For one, there’s almost a minute at the end of the video.

    Secondly, I’m done with the lame blog software here. It randomly forgets my account or that it has already said that I’m logged in(despite the fact that my browser accepts ALL cookies) and now SOMETHING ELSE has changed so I would have to re-register to get my account back.

  2. First of all, this video has almost 60 seconds of dead time at the end.

    Secondly, I’m done with this lame blog software. No matter what I do it loses my login info(IT IS NOT A COOKIE ISSUE) and NOW it wants me to re-register.

  3. @ehrichweiss- even with the comment anonymously method, often you get a ‘text entered wrong’ message several times in a row. What text? Who knows. ALWAYS use the ‘back’ button in the browser so you can try again. the ‘return to message’ link will make you type the whole message again…

    And to be fair, the 60 sec of dead time at the end isn’t MAKE’s fault…they just link to it. But thanks for the heads up for the rest of us.

    Now on topic….

    Taking apart friges, I am finding the defrost heater is about 24-28 inches long, enclosed in a glass tube… I am gonna take one home and try it as a plexiglass bender.(This length is for top freezer models. Side by side ones are about 8-9 inches. YMMV)

    Thanks for the idea!! I will post if it works. Heck.. maybe its time for my first instructable…

  4. After emailing the webmaster the authentication system seems to be working again.

    Volkemon, yeah, I’m more than aware of that. Thing is, the system said those posts above weren’t going through either.

    I was aware that Make wasn’t responsible for the dead time..just wanted to give a head’s up…but the frustration of trying to get the message through really got to me.

  5. Our comment system was borked over the weekend — working, not working, disappearing comments, magical reappearing comments. Good times! And being the weekend, it took a bit longer to resolve. It was all fixed by Sunday night. Sorry for any inconvenience you experienced.

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