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Train Schedule Message Board with Arduino



From the MAKE Flickr pool

Arms22 built this handy display to keep an eye on departing train times. Nice idea – I can think of many occasions this would have helped me out a bunch – Train Schedule Message Board on Flickr

6 thoughts on “Train Schedule Message Board with Arduino

  1. Arduino message board signs -Code?

    I’d like to see if the Arduino could control a Pro-Lite TruColorXP model PL-XPM2020

    I have one that’s missing the remote (so I can’t turn it on!) but I’d like to do more than send it ascii text to its serial port.
    I figure with some hacking it may be possible to use it to build a full-size Kitt/Knight Rider bar, or a giant sound reactive VU, or spectrascope (RTA), possibly a low-fi waveform display.
    Would anyone know of some code that is headed in this direction?

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