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Bruno Mathez’s striking experiment with sound and light, Beam Music –

What you’re seeing is a dark attic space in which the frames of wood and the pipes are being lit by a very precise ray of light, giving us the illusion that the light comes from inside the object.

Each lit object has its own individual sound.

This was made in the attic of The Pavilion in Bexhyl on Sea, England. This is my first experiment, I’m preparing an exhibition for the Brighton Fringe based on this idea. I’m collaborating with Mike Blow who will put light sensors on each lit object to react with sound. The sonic result is amazing as it directly reacts to the ligh projected.

Work using this above technique is on display at Brighton’s Blank Gallery this month.

The aesthetic here reminds me of the Optron video we highlighted here a while back –

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  1. How to get a flueresent tube to start so fast? Thats almost strobing. If anyone knows … please share your knowlwdge.

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