Members of the South Kingstown High School Robotics team explain the vehicle they made for the MATE ROV 2009 regional competition at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

If you were a participant on one of the teams in this year’s regional competitions, please add your photos to the MAKE Flickr pool, and if you could, please use these tags: MATE2009, MATERegionals2009, and for the Northeast regionals at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy: MATERegionalsMMA2009. If your group competed in another regional, try to set the tags for that so that we can find all the pictures and video easily. If you are using YouTube or some other system, you can use the same tagging system as well.

4 thoughts on “MATE ROV competitors explain their craft

  1. I wish our area high schools had hands-on science / technology / engineering events like this. Closest thing we have is who can grow the best livestock and/or vegetables. The science “competition” they do offer is totally hands-off, sit in a room and answer questions type of exercise.

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