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The Morning Monster by Nick Hardeman is an interactive plush alarm clock with a few interesting features. First of all, you set the time and alarm by pressing buttons that are hidden inside the teeth. Also, when the alarm goes off, the blinds are automatically opened via a wireless link. The alarm system is based on an Arduino and the blinds are controlled by an h-bridge and stepper motor. I really like this alarm clock a lot!

The Morning Monster is a plush electronic alarm clock. He has all of the normal alarm functions, set time, set alarm, snooze, etc. However, what makes him a monster is his ability to shine the sun on your face when the alarm goes off by opening the blinds, unfortunately in the video, it is night time and pitch black outside. The blinds are also manually controlled my moving his left arm (our right) up and down. Don’t worry, he knows where the blinds are, so if you hold his arm in one direction, he will never over-crank the blinds. GRR–.

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